With most planets almost paralyzed, Venus brings beauty, sensuality, creativity and love. Venus connects us with sensual pleasures.
Being in August, the month of Ieo, the month of the fire, the sun, the brightness, the power and Venus will give us a hand and it will give us an impulse to either find our partner, or maintain it. For those that are married, it is a favorable moment but for singles, any relationship that begins in August must be seriously analyzed in September, as we tend to look at that suitor with pink glasses.
Today’s Spell:
Increase your sensuality. Single or married, man is a sensual animal and we must never allow the hustle and bustle of daily life to extinguish the fire of attraction.
This is a personal spell, you do it for yourself; you can’t do it for your partner.
In a deep dish we will pour warm water, more or less up to half way up. We will throw 7 drops of patchouli oil, 7 drops of peppermint oil, a little cinnamon (either powder or branch) and seven drops of cologne, perfume or aftershave.
Be careful, here is the trick. If we want to attract women, we will use feminine essence. If we want to attract men, male.
We will light a red candle and with the right hand we will move the water slowly, visualizing the power of the goddess of love and sensuality concentrating on the liquid.
At 15 minutes we will wash with this liquid. Women: the face, behind the ears, the feet, the back part of the heel ,. The intimate parts, the armpits and just below the navel.
The men face, behind the ears the breasts, the feet, behind the heel, the armpits and below the navel.
Let the water dry alone. Although this work must be done now in the month of August, it is also effective during the rest of the year and can be done as many times as needed.


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