Not so much, but almost. Every time I mention mercury retrograde , everybody puts their hands to their heads. Now we have Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ALL in retrograde.
Makes you want to get under the bed and not leave until 2019.
Each retrograde planet affects the human being differently. With mercury we know that it will be the time of the RE: review. Redo. Remember. Stops, inconveniences, delays and frustrations will be the news of the day.
Prudence should prevail and in this retrograde comes sadness and a certain burden of guilt. You have to know how to shake it.
But Mercury will not be the only protagonist. Each planet brings something during this journey, and knowing that we are experiencing less help to alleviate its negative effects and take advantage of what they offer us.
Pluto will put us on the defensive, but on the positive side it gives us a push, increases our willpower. If we know how to channel this and control the slight paranoia that accompanies retrograde Pluto, we can make a profit.
Saturn is karma, and when it is retrograde we can see our past more clearly. It can be painful but it can help us close doors and move forward. Uranus brings a touch of attention with the money, for some it will be positive, they will better control their finances, others will see the tap of the money temporarily closed.
Neptune enters retrograde every year for a period of six months, so its effect is more subtle, but very real. Neptune is the planet of dreams and excuses, and when it goes backwards it is a hard awakening, a jug of cold water that forces you to see reality as it is.
If we know how to navigate this we will keep our feet on the ground. Mars also adds up and brings us sexual chaos. It is the planet of war and sex, and retrograde urges us to reconsider our sexual relations.
The adventures can be very brief, lovers of the past can knock on the door and war is just around the corner. Retrograde Mars brings frustration, so until August 27, a lot of caution. The good news is that by mid September the sky will return to normal.


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