Every day people reach to me .. they are about to fall of the edge of the abyss. The first thing they tell hope”.me; “Zitmy, you are my last hope”. The emotional abyss, the economic abyss, family crises, victims of possible witchcraft. No one goes to the doctor as a ‘last resort ‘, and we should not leave spiritual help for the day before signing the divorce, or facing an eviction.
Problems that took years to form have very deep roots and the sooner the problem is attacked, the easier it will be to remove that root.
A reading gets to the source, and gives us the solutions. On many occasions the person come to me convinced that they know the cause of the problem and during the readimg, the spirit guides reveals the hidden hand that from the darkness is causing the chaos.
Sometimes, the culprit comes from another plane, dark energy, spirits or karma that came through the spiritual cord, old pain, inherited debts that once again claim victims and sow unhappiness.
A wound left untreated will become is infectious. An evil let unchecked will poisons relationships. An envy or evil eye that has not being cut out will ruins a business.
You have to ask for help fast. One of the characteristics of a dark spell is that it closes the roads so that you do not find the way, the money or the energy to ask for help. It sows doubts, it affects your economy so that you can’t afford it, it depresses you so that you do not see a way out.
A reading can be the best investment of your life.
Today’s Spell:
Quick tips for the summer.
Want money fast? Burn the skin of 3 cloves of garlic and bury it with 3 leaves of laurel at the foot of a tree that gives fruits or flowers. Water it with orange juice praying that Abundia will surprise you with the gift of quick money.
You are invited to a party or a meeting and want to make new friends? Before going to the party we will put in a bowl of water with 3 pieces of red apple, three drops of honey and three aromatic cloves .
We will light a white candle to the deity that rules the heads, asking for good humor and ability to be accepted into a new group. After 15 minutes, turn off the candle and wash your face 3 times with that water.


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