We already saw how we should decorate the entrance of the house. Now let’s start with the interior. We want Chi, or vital energy, to circulate freely, and at the same time we want to attract love, prosperity, health, tranquility and protection.
The Christmas tree becomes the focal point of the home, and very easily we can also make it a portal of positive energy, not just a simple ornament. Let’s start with the location. It must be located in the east or southeast of the living room, to enhance harmony and health of the home.
Ideally, put a natural pine tree, which means longevity and good health, but if you use an artificial one make sure it is clean of all dust and that you leave it at least 3 hours in open sunlight, to eliminate any residual negative energy. Put many lights on the tree, the more the better.
 To decorate it, the first step is to ensure that the 5 elements are represented. That is achieved very easily with the balls. Red and green incorporate wood and fire.
Gold and silver for the metal, brown for the earth, which should never be missing, and blue, if possible undulating, for the water element. The air element is achieved with hanging or bird-shaped balls.
You should never miss purple or purple balls, which like pineapple-shaped ornaments symbolize abundance and good fortune. What few people realize is that the Christmas tree is a perfect pyramid.
The origin of the Christmas tree dates back to northern Europe, with the worship of the god of the sun and fertility, and a pine tree was adorned in whose crown was the abode of the gods and whose roots were in the underworld, creating an energetic pyramid of the cycle of life.
During the holidays our tree becomes a pyramidal portal, a focal point of positive energy, which we can use to give wings to our desires.
As in every pyramid the base of the tree represents the physical plane, the intellectual and the middle part, the spiritual part and each part can be used to channel the energies and obtain our desires.
If we need more money, let’s take a green ball, a purple ball, tie them together and hang them in the lower left area of ​​the tree along with a rolled bill.
When removing the tree, spend that bill. If we want love to reach our lives we must hang a heart-shaped ornament on top of the tree, in view of all.
We want to get noticed? We can place bells on top of the tree, where everyone sees them but nobody touches them. We will crown the tree with a star, which attracts success.
If we want to protect our relationship, let’s put an ornament with a picture of us with our partner in the upper right part of the tree. If our relationship is not public, we can put the photo inside a box or write both names on a red ball.


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