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We are in a year six. According to numerology, 2022 is a year six. What does it means for us? It’s the year of I am.

After spending two years reacting to external events, the energies of 2022 will push us to look at ourselves and take care of ourselves, our needs , what is working and what is not. And from January to September we will have the chance to do it on our own, make the changes on our own terms. Because come October, what we did not do, will be done for us, and it may not be as easy.
This year we make it work or we walk away, there is no middle ground.

We sign that deal or we find another partner, another line of work.

It’s the year of handshakes and waves, the year to seal or dissolve.

Let Best Magical Spells help you make those good decisions,.

Lets get you where you want to go.

Lets triumph !

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