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Winds of infidelity are blowing in the northern hemisphere. And it is that with the arrival of spring, the incidences of cheating between couples inevitably increase. The sun is to blame … the more heat, the more adventures. more hours of light, more hormonal stimulation, more seratonin, noradrenaline, the hormones of happiness. We leave the house more often, we run into more people. There is also less … less clothing, less skin cover. The result? In spring you have to have a thousand eyes and be aware that there is a trap between the flowers. Internet dating sites overflow in the spring, searches increase by 35%, so we have to make sure that our partner is not one of those spring infidels.

Today’s Spell:

We want to have our partner very close so that things don’t get out of hand. On a white plate we will put the photo of both, and above, we will place a padlock, with its key, closed. We must always use a new padlock, which has never been closed before. Praying to the goddess of love, we will throw honey on the padlock, we want to tie it with love. We will pour some sweet wine or any alcoholic drinks … This so he/she doesn’t realize that they are being tied to you. And finally, we will put a feather, so that it always flies towards us. We will watch the spell, lighting a yellow or white candle, 20 minutes a day for 5 days, and the fifth day we leave the contents of the plate at the foot of a tree, except the padlock, which must be kept closed. Hide it in a secret place.


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