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Tomorrow, for an hour, the moon will conquer Mars. A lunar eclipse.
In what is astronomically known as the “concealment by the moon,” Mars will be eclipsed by the moon.
What does it mean for the human being? That tomorrow we will have a window where aggressiveness, bullying, envy, the evil eye and all the negative parts that fuels Mars, can be broken.
Spell for Today and Tomorrow:
In a dish full of water with lemon juice we will place iron nails and cloves.
We will light a red candle and praying to St Michael the Arcangel, we will ask that he destroy everything that is bad, aggressive or that aggravates us in our lives.
We will let the candle burn and then move it outdoors, in a window, the garden, the patio, the ground, no matter where and there it will remain until tomorrow night when we will throw everything in the trash outside the house.


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