When the Witches Arrive! Tomorrow Halloween is celebrated, or the Day of the Witches. Beware. Not everything is fun, candy and costumes. That is the cosmetic part of a party that contains a great mysticism, and some danger.
This is the day of the year where the subtle veil between the earthly world and the spiritual world opens, and it is easier for the souls still in the process of elevation to move between planes. Some souls will be positive in death as they were in life. Others, no.
On the spiritual plane there is what is known as the ‘souls in pain’. Some are spirits who have not yet assumed that they have died and cling to earthly pleasures and seek a material, that is, a living body, to continue enjoying them.
That can push people who do not drink to abuse alcohol, for loyalties to become obsessed with other women or simply to act in an erratic and unknown way. Other souls are even more obscure, since those who in life practiced the so-called “black magic” understand the power that can be exercised through the possession of a living soul.
How to avoid attracting dark spirits to our home? Light, lots of light Leave all the lights on until midnight, and light white candles inside the house. Let the light come out through all the windows well after midnight.
White candles reject negative energy. We must also have an arrangement of white flowers with 3, 7 or 9 flowers. Offerings. In addition to giving candy, you have to make offerings outside the house, pumpkin, corn, green apples, garlic, is a way to tell the spirits “take, feed and go your way.” And finally, the most powerful way to protect our home is with the so-called “silent dinner”.
On Halloween, stalls are placed on the dinner table for relatives who have already passed away, who were very close and very dear. Throughout the dinner they will be thanked for their contribution to our lives and will be asked for their protection during this night, so that no harmful spirit touches our home and our lives. This will strengthen our link with our ancestors who are also our guides today.
Periodically throughout the night of Halloween we should touch a bell, to break any negative or dark energy. Let’s enjoy this ancestral party with security.


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