Relationships fail when the couple stops growing together, when it allows ambitions and desires to separate them. If half the roots of a tree stop growing, the tree dries up.
Our union must be well rooted so that it has solid foundations, where money is a common good and money brings well-being and is not a tool for control or discussions.  This is a spell for wealth, a magic spell for money, that brings wealth and prosperity into our homes in a way that touches everyone equally, so that harmony reigns.

Today’s spell:
Our allies are the magnets, to unite, for 2 to create 1.
On a white strip of paper we will write our name and last name on one side, the name and last name of our partner on the other. We can also use a photo of both.
We will trap the strip and or photo between the magnets.
Now we are going to grow. We put the strip and the magnets on a plate and water it with soil taken from in front of a prosperous place, let’s think of banks, shops, gas stations, restaurants… avoid funeral homes.
On the soil we will place a little saffron, and gold or silver dust or frost and we will pay the deities with 3 coins of any denomination.
We will light a green or gold candle to invoke Abundia and ask her to watch over our union, to cover us both with blessings, so that together we walk in the same direction in love and abundance.
We will light up the candle 3 days, for 15 minutes a day. On the third day we will plant our intention, leaving the contents of the plate at the foot of a tree.

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