On October 5, the planet Venus, the planet that governs love in all its forms, enters retrograde until November 16. Venus retrograde will also be affected by Scorpio at the beginning of retrogradation. What can go wrong? Obviously it will not be an easy period, since it will lead us to want to stumble again with the same stone.
During retrograde Venus has the tendency to repeat affective cycles that should already be closed, and for good reasons reappear former lovers, old couples, old loves, old mistakes … What happens is that we are returning to our old patterns, ones that should already have been broken forever. Scorpio in itself is a sign of water, which brings back memories, so this conjunction will be tremendous, full of jealousy, dramas.
Here karma can play tricks on us, reliving past mistakes and life traumas so we can learn a lesson. This particular retrogradation will bring a certain level of obsession that can lead to accusations of harassment. Very easy to lose control. To finish encouraging the retrograde Venus will make us look with critical eyes at our current relationships and idealize the past.
Another alarming form of retrograde for Venus is that it can push us to quick and erroneous reconciliations. Be careful with express weddings, be very careful with the friendships that we had rejected and now appear out of nowhere.
Maybe there is a basis for a second chance. Maybe everyone learned from the mistakes of the past, but with retrograde Venus nothing is clearly seen. Faced with a decision that can turn our lives upside down, prudence is key. We have to wait, think, analyze.
If the reconciliation survives the waiting period, we will live more clearly and we can make a better decision. A positive facet of retrograde Venus is that it leads us to analyze our desires.
During the retrograde period analyze that you wanted so much of your past, that causes you so dissatisfaction in your present that forces you to return, even knowing that it hurts you. The answer of how to attract that part of your desire that will give you happiness, leaving the pain behind will come to you. You will stop fighting for wrong dreams.
It’s going to be a period where everyone will have the need to talk, share, dig out emotions, which is fine, but watch out. None of this should be done on social networks. What is said under retrograde Venus can be regretted later. Confessions need to be done in private.
Venus will finish its retrogradation directly affected by Libra, which will make us open our eyes and recover the emotional balance, and if we have worked hard during this process, we will come out more focused and wise.
Other useful tips during retrograde Venus? Avoid drastic changes in appearance. Venus also governs beauty and during this confusing period, avoid the temptation to cut the Mohawk hair, dye your hair purple or tattoo a tiger on your forehead.
Take care of your money. Venus is the planet of luxury, and this period can push you to spend what you do not have or should not. Leave that purchase for later.
Today’s Spell:
Let’s harmonize with Venus, so that during this journey our emotions remain as stable as possible. On October 5 we will take a white plate and fill it with white flower petals. On the flowers we will throw honey, dry and molded egg shell, or husk and oil or sandalwood essence. We will light a white candle and repeat this mantra 5 times.
“Om Klim Shum Shukraya Namah”
We will light the white candle 15 minutes a day for 5 days at sundown by repeating the mantra 5 times. On the fifth day we will leave the contents of the plate at the foot of a tree and continue lighting a white candle and repeating the mantra every day until November 16.


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