On this Friday governed by the Goddess of love and passion, the energies that come to us help us to overcome any betrayal and vanquish our enemy.
Today is a great day to start any ritual to beat a rival that threatens your relationship as a couple.
The holidays are approaching, we are entering into a period that can unite a couple or turn their relationship into quicksand.
No one wants to be alone on Thanksgiving.
Nobody wants to be alone at Christmas.
It is time to make great decisions and we want our loved one to be the one that longs for our heart.
You have to get the other person out of the picture, whoever it may be.
We all know our true situation, no matter what the rest of the world thinks.
Today’s Spell:
This is a very old spell, it can be done with a scissors or a sharp knife, with something to cut. Whatever you use, must be thrown out at the end of the spell.
We’ll take a white plate and place an open scissors, or a knife on top of it. If we use scissors they have to have sharp edges, they can not be plastic.
Just in the sharp part, either the scissors or the knife, we will place a paper with the names of the people we want to separate, if we have a photo of both together we can use it too.
Cover the paper and photo with a mixture of oil and vinegar.
We will add grains of black pepper and a leaf of plant with thorns, no matter what kind, but do not use a rose.
We will light a white candle, a black candle and a red candle, and we will pray to St. Michael the Archangel to break that relationship, remove that rival and protect what is ours.
We will watch the spell for 3 days lighting the candles 15 minutes a day. The third day we have to throw all the contents of the plate, including the scissors or the knife in the garbage outside the house. .


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