Today is the day of love, Valentine’s Day. The whole planet vibrates with the energy of romance, seduction. We are surrounded by the color red, the color of passion and action. Today is a positive day for all, and we benefit from that wave of good vibrations that surround the earth, it is like a sling of smiles, of flirting, of possibilities. We must take advantage of it. Whether or not we are a couple, today is the time to increase our attraction, our personal magnetism and put our energy, our aura, vibrating in love.

Today’s Spell:

For the women: On a plate we will put 5 drops of oil or essence of roses, for romance and tenderness, 5 drops of lavender (or jasmine) to intensify sexuality, 5 drops of vanilla, to have a sexual relationship successes and 1 drop of cinnamon oil (or a little cinnamon powder). We can also use Ylang Ylang, since it intensifies sexual desire. We will mix everything well, using the middle finger, the finger of the heart and sexuality, we will light a red candle, praying to Venus to cover us with its essence, and increase our magnetism and attraction. Apply with the finger of the heart a touch behind each ear and in the heart, a little on each wrist, just below the navel and in the back of the neck.

For men: In a dish we will mix 5 drops of sandalwood oil, .5 drops of Patchuli oil, to increase sexual desire and potency and have security in themselves 5 drops of neroli, or orange blossom oil, to increase libido, and a touch of oil or cinnamon powder. Mix the oil with the middle finger and apply a drop on the temple, on each eye, just below the navel and both groins.


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