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February 14 arrives and with this day also comes the pressure of love. Valentines day.
Very few days create as much stress in love as Valentine’s day does. This day the vibrations that surround us are mixed, we have love and resentment, sweetness and bitterness, illusion and disappointment. We are surrounded by a cloud of sugar and chocolate and little hearts but love is not white or black, we succeed or fail … sometimes we squeek by and that is also a reason to celebrate.
So we are going to sweeten our life, we are going to create a bubble of love and sweetness around us for this February 14 to be able to vibrate positively and enjoy the essence of love, from a kiss and a bouquet of roses to a lunch with friends, that Valentine’s Day is unisex and men also fall in love.
Today’s Spell:
This is a personal spell, in which we are sweetening ourselves. We will need a picture of ourselves in which we look real good. But it has to be a current picture and without filters.
A bottle of champagne or cider.
A deep dish, honey, sugar, petals of pink or red flowers and something golden, can be golden craft powder.
On the plate we will place our photo and decorate it with honey, sugar, petals and gold powder. We will visualize love entering through the crown and covering ourselves from head to toe. We will pray to the goddess of love and honor the women who throughout history wrote the most beautiful love chapters and the women and men of your family who make up your love chain.
We will visualize that we vibrate with love, and that we attract it like a magnet. Slowly we will cover the picture with champagne. We should not use all the champagne, we must save a little to toast on Friday for ourselves, for love, for the good vibes.
We will leave the plate in front of a mirror until Saturday morning. At that time, we will leave the contents of the plate at the foot of a tree.
Where there is no tree or it is not possible to leave it outdoors, all rituals can be left in the trash outside the house with 3 coins of any denomination.


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