We have talked a lot on this page about sage, but it’s never enough. This herb was really touched by the gods, with its many healing, magical and energetic properties. Its Latin name is Salvus, which means ‘the one who saves’.
It is the plant of cleanliness and wisdom, it is feared by the spirits of low vibrations because it not only scares them away but destroys them. Today science is discovering that cleaning with sage kills microbes, something that the wise men and shamans of yesteryear knew for centuries.
Dreams where sage is present bring good omens, means economic improvement, a better future close by.
Spell With Sage:
Every Tuesday or Saturday, we must clean the house with the smoke of dried sage, from back to front, from top to bottom, to break dense energies, purify the environment and send negative entities to where they came from.
A purple sack with Sage and cedar keeps the enemies away. We must prepare it in the light of the moon, wetting the sage and cedar with salt water, garlic and onion, and once dry, put it in the bag with 3 coins.
A bath with sage, husk and basil discharges the negative energy and breaks the evil eye. Mix fresh or dried sage, husk or ground egg shell and fresh basil in a bucket with warm fresh water.
A white candle is lit and consecrated, begging Saint Michael the Archangel to break all the evil that haunts us or affects us. We will pour water throughout our body, from the neck down.


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