Sometimes we forget the power of ancient symbols. The pyramid was the first use of sacred geometry. Through them, the channeling of energies and the opening of portals that allow access to the forces of the universe and the spirit guides are achieved.
One of the marvels that is obtained with pyramidal magic is to preserve, save, protect, apply pyramid energy to a loving relationship. We preserve it and avoid negative energies, jealousies and envies attacking it, by closing “energy gaps” that leave us vulnerable to third party intromissions.
Today’s Spell:
We take a hollow yellow pyramid, and inside we will put a picture of the couple smiling, and looking towards the camera, without glasses or sunglasses. On the photo we will place three leaves of basil, a cotton dipped in geranium oil, and the petals of a striped geranium.
We will light a yellow candle, place the ring finger of the right hand on the tip of the pyramid and pray that our spirit guides protect and seal this relationship against any attack.
At 15 minutes we will put out the candle. We can repeat this prayer every week. The pyramid should be placed in your bedroom, where only you and your partner touch it.


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