Until July 7, 2025 Uranus will be in Taurus. It will be a long journey and we are leaving behind the era of Uranus in Aries, which lasted 7 years and that was the era of “me”, of the action of selfies, of social movements, of the expansion of technology

A cycle that also brought attacks and nationalist movements that are redrawing many societies.

Now it is up to Taurus the quiet, the conventional, the careful in the financial field to navigate alongside Uranus, the unpredictable and disruptive, the electric planet associated with innovations, discoveries, technology, magic.

What does this mean? That the most resistant sign to change, Taurus, joins the planet synonymous with change. That if you like quiet things, order and you have trouble changing the route, this will be a long and uncomfortable period.

How to succeed with Uranus in Taurus?

If you are very rigid, try to change your routine a bit. Look for new experiences, new ways of working, generating money and using technology.

This will be the period of Bitcoin and digital currencies. They will dominate the market so you have to learn how to use them for our benefit.

This is what each sign of this cycle can expect. Remember, knowing is power, support the positive and modify the challenges to come


Get organized, take care of stress, this is going to be a tense period for your sign, drastic changes are approaching.


Your life can turn upside down, for better or worse. It’s going to be a revolutionary cycle, and you have to balance that new desire to act freely and create with economic reality.

Opportunities will arise, discard fear and take advantage of them with a head.


You will see different life and find unexpected resources to succeed.

It will be a fertile period.


Your creativity will be appreciated.

You will meet people who will open the doors and validate your work.


Big change in labor is approaching. Not everyone will be easy and you run the risk of breaking ties that you should not discard.

Think twice before acting,


For this sign this cycle will be synonymous with creative energy. Spirituality will break through.


Being the sign compatible with Taurus, this sign may have difficulties in this cycle, especially in the field of relationships .;

You have to take care of the character, the fights, the outbursts of genius and understand where the conflicts come from.


  This is going to be a very favorable period for intellectual development, and science and technology.

It brings job change or job advancement.


One of the signs that will benefit most from this cycle. Everything will be in your favor, from creativity to opportunities

Seize it.


Aquarians are not at their best and this change can bring health problems, stress and family conflicts.

They must relax and understand that the solution will come when they achieve inner peace


This cycle will be synonymous with change at the personal and work level. Doors will open and schemes will break.


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