Many confuse “soul mates” and “twin flame”. During the course of our lives we can meet several soulmates, since in general each soul is individual and finds another that reflects it, it becomes your ‘twin’ and just as there are many mirrors, so we can see ourselves reflected in several other souls. The soulmate is compatible.
The “twin flame” on the contrary completes you, since it is the part that you lack. Twin flames, when we have one, there is only one, as it is a soul that in a previous incarnations split into two, and those twin flames are fighting to unite and create one again.
Finding a twin flame is sometimes not an easy or painless process. There is almost always a more awake flame and a more sleepy flame, sometimes our twin flames are in other romantic relationships, an they have made other promises.
There is usually a flame that runs and another that chases. The attraction or recognition is usually instantaneous, but generally one of the two halves of that flame that was once intact is not ready to accept the truth.
How do you determine if we are in front of our “twin flame”? This person fills a gap, closes a loop, they fit together like a puzzle. A soulmate reflects and exalts what you have, a twin flame gives you what you don’t have.
Today’s spell:
First, we want to awaken our “twin flame”. This ritual should only be done by the person who feels strongly attracted to it when reading it, or who are convinced that their “twin flame” exists and need to join again. On many occasions, people who have a “twin flame” waiting to be reunited have recurring fantasies with the same person practically since childhood.
In the fantasies this person has the same name, the same face. She is such a familiar person that you could draw her with your eyes closed.
Some have already met their “twin flame” and need her to wake up. Others know it exists and want you to remember your common past so the search can begin,
In a white plate we will place an orange, cut in half, in the center. An orange must be used, there is no possible substitution.
Half of the orange represents us. On that part we will place a picture of ourself, we will look for a photo where we are smiling, without glasses, and by ourselves. On the photo we will add 3 drops of mint essence.
The other part of the orange we are going to leave completely empty. We will light a white candle, and a purple one, and we will take a bell, or something metallic that makes noise, and we will begin to make it ring, calling our ally in this ritual, our Guardian Angel.
This being of light that guards and protects us in this incarnation, is also divided and watches over both “twin flames”. Waiting for the moment when one awakens and asks for help, to create a new flame, solid and complete.
We will pray that our “twin flame” awakens, so that she feels the call and seeks us, or allows herself to be found. We will pray until our inner selves tell us that we were heard. We will visualize that person who has been part of our fantasy, we will repeat the name.
Once we receive the answer, which our intuition tells us, “enough” the candles will be extinguished, both parts of the orange will be joined with white tape or string and the orange will be buried with 3 coins, it will be thrown into a river or the sea or as a last option it is put in the garbage outside the house, the same with three coins.
This ritual is for everyone who feels they already know who their “twin flame” is. We already have a face, a name, we feel that it approaches us but it still does not break the fear, something blocks it.
Let’s unite.
This time our vehicle is a pumpkin of any kind.
We will cut the top part, make a lid and empty the pumpkin with a spoon.
We will take both photos, ours and that of our “twin flame” and we will put them face to face and glue them together. They must be totally united.
We will place the glued photos inside the pumpkin, they can be rolled up, and they must be completely inside, that the pumpkin can be covered.
On the photo we will add red petals and cinnamon for love, 3 drops of lavender essence to eliminate fear and honey to unite again.
We will pray to the Guardian Angel that our flames unite, so that the karma that separated us will dissolve and never move away again.
The pumpkin is covered and a red candle is lit that must be consumed in its entirety.
When the candle runs out, the pumpkin is buried, thrown into a river or into the sea, and as a last option it is put in the trash outside the house with 3 coins.
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