We are in perhaps one of the most complicated weeks of the year. Rare is the person who has not experienced mixed feelings during Christmas, rarely the joy in this season comes alone, without memories, nostalgia, without absences. Now we are preparing to close one cycle and start another, and it is not always easy to close doors and leave behind longings. But we do not have to reject or give up everything that we did not achieve in 2018, or feel unsuccessful.

These plans have yet to be finalized but we must reinforce them and adapt them to our success plan for 2019, in a perhaps more realistic way, and with the lessons learned. Here comes the treasure map. It is one of my favorite rituals. It is not a pirate map, with the steps to follow that lead us to the cross that marks the buried treasure, but it can guide us towards our individual triumph. It is about using the law of attraction in our favor and attracting to our lives all that is positive, visualizing it and embodying our wishes and purposes on a poster, both for this new year and for life in general. Removing the black color that I do not recommend, there is no perfect color for the cardboard that will be used on the map, it depends on the color that we like and makes us smile. For some people it will be yellow, others blue, white will not be the same.

Again, as we divide the card is very personal, the traditional way is to do it in 4 parts so here each person will be guided by his instinct, his sense of aesthetics and his creativity. In one part we will put the area of ​​love, emotions, relationships. Do we want to find a partner? Let’s find the photo of the man or woman who is our type, do we want to preserve our love? . We will put a picture of us and our happy couple, in harmony. A photo with our children, friends, family .. Everything we want to happen in our sentimental and family life, we will put on that card. We can add words: Love, harmony, happiness, fidelity. In another section of the card we will make the MONEY. So, capitalized. We can pictures of money, we can even paste a coin, a ticket. We will clearly state what we want the 2109 to bring in the area of ​​money, work, investments, raises, promotions. In the following personal goals. Here we can also be as materialistic as we want. We want a new car? We put a picture of the exact car, up to the color. We want a couple of bogas? A boat, a puppy, remodel the bathroom?

We put pictures of everything we want to achieve in 2019. This is our quadrant, our space, each person knows their dreams, so express them. And the last quadrant is reserved for long-term plans and the wishes that will be constant in our life. Good health, travel, positive attitude. Family harmony On the 31st the cardboard will be placed in a well visible place in the house, and we will light candles of all colors, yellow, white, green, red, blue, orange. Less black all colors have a place in our lives and all vibrate with a necessary energy to create a whole. We will pray to the goddess of love, to the deity that opens and closes the roads, to our guides, to our ancestors and to the supreme being that rules the universe, so that this year is one of transformation, growth, prosperity, health and love. Once a week we must look at the map, see how we are in our plans and refocus. When something is done, the photo is removed from the card, thanks to the universe and that photo of burning. If we have a map from last year, we will take what was not yet fulfilled and join the new map,


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