We recently talked about infidelity. Today I am going to talk about betrayal, treason, because sometimes they go hand in hand. I am not trying to scare you , but I am seeing more and more infidelity and betrayal. I will not pass judgments, each case is unique.
I will only give tools to detect if you are the victim of betrayal in love, relationships, work or business. We will light up a red or white candle, take a deck of tarot cards and shuffled them. We will summon our guides and ask the question: Am I being betrayed? and we pull out a card. If it is the VIII of swords , the answer is a categorical yes.
Now let’s confirm it with a pendulum. Make sure you clean it with sea salt and water before use. We pray for the help and collaboration of our guides, take the pendulum and ask what movement it yes , and we will see how it moves, forward and backward or in a circle.
How it moves will denote a yes answer. Then we ask which movement is no. And we ask the question: Am I being betrayed? And see how the pendulum moves.
Sometimes one answer is all we need. Other times we have to understand the who, how, why and how to fight back. For that, I am here. Call me, write to me, I am here to help .
And is not everything infidelity and treason. Tomorrow we’ll talk about love !

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