Tomorrow is too late. Every day people come to me and tell me “you are my last hope” and I ask them why did you wait so long? When we are sick we do not expect to go to the doctor until we can no longer breathe, we faint in the street or we start bleeding in the supermarket queue.

But every day they come to me, people whose relationships have been bleeding for years, who suspect that their partner is unfaithful or whose businesses are about to go bankrupt. Tomorrow is too late. Problems when they are tackled in time are much easier to solve. It is always better to know, get to the root of the problem, and act. Call me, write me, take that step.

A reading, a Tarot consultation and mediumship illuminates, defines and gives not only answers but solutions. If you read this column today, it is because you had to read it. There are no coincidences, I am writing for you. Seek help With your relationship, with your work, your business or your son. The universe, your guides, the deities put the means but you have to take the first step.

Today’s Spell:

Clarity. When we need clarity, when there are doubts in our lives and we do not know what to do, this spell helps us to clear the clouds, to look inside and find the way. We take the egg white and beat it well, until it is thick, solid. We will add a little sugar, a little bit of holy water and a stream of our perfume. This is a personal spell, it can not be done for anyone else. We will light a white candle and pray to Santa Clara to show us the way, clarify our doubts, give us light and guidance. Once we have received the information we need, the candle is turned off and the contents of the plate are left at the foot of a tree. If we can not leave it at the foot of a tree, it is thrown out of the house with 3 coins of any nationality or denomination


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