What is that, you ask? Is the season for humans to mate in a hurry- to find partners to take to office parties and holiday festivities, to kiss under the mistletoe , cheer the new year and exchange presents.
The same way no one in Hollywood divorces until the award season is over, normal folks hate being single for the holidays, hate being asked about their love life and despise start the new year alone. The rest of the year single people can relish on their fabulous singleness, but not at Xmas time.
When the crowd in Time Square goes wild at midnight, and everyone cheers and kisses like sailors on shore leave, we want to do the same. So today lets open the doors to a love we can “cuff” with, to bring it to us or keep the one we have. This is one of the best white magic spells.
We want to attract or keep our love, and while we are at it, make it good, sweet and strong. Like Cuban coffee.
In a white plate we will place our picture in between two magnet (can be two fridge magnets). We will light up a yellow or red candle and we will ask the Goddess of Love to turn us into a magnet for love.
If I don’t have it to bring it to me. And if I have it to help me keep it close to my heart. The magnets and picture is our intention. Now we fine tune it.We need to add the elements that will send the right vibration.
We want our love to be sweet, so we pour sugar or chocolate syrup over the magnets. We want it to be passionate, we pour saffron, the top most aphrodisiac. We want it to stick to us, like bugs to fly paper, so we add honey.
We also need to be thankful. To express our gratitude to the Goddess of love we offer 3 sun flowers. We keep the plate in front of a mirror for 3 days , so its power doubles. Every day we light up the candle for 5-10 minutes, visualizing our intention.
The third day fish out the magnets , wash them and use them to hold up a new picture against your fridge, of you smiling and happy. I f you have a partner, the picture should be of the two of you. The rest of the ingredients can go into the garbage outsider your house with 3 coins.

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