Wednesdays are great days for communication, negotiations, agreements. Time to keep going! It is the best aspected day of the week to sign a contract, ask for a salary increase. The communication on this day flows, the energies of trade and barter are their highest. Today, nothing stops us. If we have to take risks today is the day to do it.

Today’s Spell:

We are going to move and activate the energy of work, of money, of commercial activity and communications. We want everything to flow, that what we touch has the strength and the speed of the windl This wpell can be done any Wednesday. Let’s take a piece of satiny yellow cloth, which will shine. In it we will write our first and last name and date of birth. We will write what we want to happen in our business or job. We will write it clearly, we must be precise. We will light a yellow candle and pray to Abundia the goddess of prosperity. The candle will be on until it is consumed. When it is consumed we will tie the fabric in a tree, where the wind shakes it and spreads our intention to the four cardinal points.


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