The next 20 days are the fastest of the year. Not because the day has less hours, or there are less minutes in an hour, but because we have just over two weeks before the world put out the “Closed for the Holidays” sign and everything come to a halt.
That means we are in a race against time. What we fail to accomplish in business and work related issues in these 20 days , will be in danger of failing by the wayside.
This is the time to open roads and expand our horizons, to help u see the road clearly and not dissipate our energies.
Today’s spell
This is a very old spell , which helps us clear the path fast
On a white plate we will put seven strips of banana peel and 7 slices of green apple.

Then we pour over them brown sugar or honey and coffee grounds, that is, what remains of the coffee once is brewed .
We place the plate next to the front door and light 7 white candles , they can be small ones, praying to the Holy Child of Atocha to open roads, clear the path and grant us wings to fly over all hardships.
After 15 minutes we put out the candles and spread the ritual on the ground, asking the help of the spirits and the forces of nature.

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