Thursdays are days to move money, activate our economy and also attract luck …
Luck is one of the most elusive and desired of the world’s energies.
We all know people who were born and touched by luck .. Everything goes well, the doors are opened, they have the “Midas” touch, everything turns to gold.
And we say, “how lucky they are”!
It’s not luck, it’s energy, iy’s alchemy. Iy’s magic.
It is knowing how to attract and invoke the goddess of fortune.
Today’s Spell:
We will make a key to open something, it can be ancient or modern but it has to be used.
We bless it three times and cover the key with honey.
On top of the honey put 3 or 4 leaf clovers, whatever you can find.
Light a green candle and pray for the Godess of Luck to smile upon us for a brief moment.
When praying, we clap rithmically, not applauding. We are calling her.
We will do this for 5 minutes, and leave the candle burning for another 10.
At the end of the ritual we leave the key next to a store that sells lottery tickets.
This ritual can be done on any Thursday.


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