We have just entered into Virgo. It is not by chance that Virgo happens at the start of the school year, the end of the holidays, and at the start of the harvest and provisioning months. Virgos are methodical, precise, analytical and like to learn. But they are also critical and perfectionist to the point of obsession.
So in this journey by the hand of Virgo we are going to take hold of the good to increase our productivity and reap what we have sown.

Today’s spell:

Feet on the ground and money in our pockets. It is a ritual for all signs, not just Virgos. The element of Virgo is the earth and with earth will anchor our ritual.
We will take some soil from the outside of a prosperous bossiness, what they sell is not important, what matters is the energy of abundance generated by the business.
We will put the soil on a plate along with our photo and we will take a white or pale blue silk ribbon and we will tie 6 knots. As we tie each knot we will visualize our life prosperous, organized, stable, we will visualize ourselves harvesting and enjoying.
After the sixth knot we will put the ribbon over the photo, we will add 6 seeds or grains and 3 coins, we will light a white candle and for 15 minutes we will pray to the deity who opens and closes roads to open our doors wide open , to break obstacles and propel us .
After 15 minutes we turn off the candle , put the contents of the plate in a bag (without the candle or the photo) and throw it away in the garbage outside where we took the soil.

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