A transforming energy portal opens this Wednesday, 11-11-2020 It is the energy of desire, of intention. The power of 11:11. 11 is one of the master numbers, along with 22 and 33, whose root is 11.
When we see the number 11 everywhere it is a subtle message from the universe, “tell me”, “here I am”, “ask”. This Wednesday let’s get ready to receive this message. This portal, open it and emit through it our intention to the creator.
Spell to be done this Wednesday.
Between sunrise and sunset we will take a deep plate with fresh water, and visualizing a door that opens, we will put 11 drops of sandalwood oil into the water … we will pour the drops with the right hand and stir the water with the left, visualizing our intention and asking the universe to listen and fulfill our desire.
When putting the last drop, we wash our hands and face with that water, and the rest we will use to feed a living plant.


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