Although we are in a kind of bubble suspended in time and space, the months pass, and the energies change. This week, in the early hours of the 7th to the 8th, the Pink Moon will take place, the largest and closest to the earth full moon of the year. The moon will not be tinted pink, but it gets this name from the Earth flower, a pink flower that abounds and blooms in spring.

This moon in April is also known as the moon of the germinated grass, and brings to our lives the energy of flourishing, of coming back to life, of the rebirth of love, a business, or literally today, of recovery of our health. Let’s use this universal jet of energy to be reborn forcefully.

Spell for the morning of April 7 to 8

We will take a bucket with fresh water, and inside we will place our photo, we can include that of our partner if our intention has to do with love. We will add a spritz of our perfume, orange peel or eggshell, a cork and a whole egg, without breaking it. We will leave the bucket outdoors, either in the garden or on a terrace, or if neither of these two places is possible, next to a window, from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.

As close as possible to midnight on Tuesday we will light a white or pink candle for 15 minutes and pray to the Goddess of Heaven for our lives to be reborn, for our health, our love relationships and our economy to flourish, for everything to germinate , multiply. On Wednesday morning we will take the water and with it we will water all the plants that we have inside the house and with this water, we will clean the entrance of our door and the soles of a pair of shoes, ours and that of our partner, if our intention included someone else.

The rest of the water is thrown through the drain and the orange or egg peel, the egg and the cork are thrown in the trash outside the house.


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