The Magical Orange Raises Your Self Esteem Sometimes it is hard to believe in ourselves. When the clouds of doubt attack us, the image we see in the mirror becomes distorted and we run the risk of accepting and assuming that false image. It is imperative to break all negative energy and recover the balance.
To achieve this, our secret weapon is an orange. The orange is the daughter of the Sun, it moves the shadows away. The orange will help us love ourselves, see our positive qualities and regain our self-esteem.
Something simple to do when our children are agitated or tense is to cut an orange in half and simply smell it. You can also use orange essential oil, spread a little on each eyebrow, and put three droplets on your fingers and inhale by breathing deeply. The result is a waterfall of sunshine for the spirit.
Today’s Spell:
This is one of the most effective spells I have in my arsenal, since its properties are very broad. It helps to raise self-esteem, helps in communication, stimulates self-love and is an element of power and wealth. It is a personal ritual, nobody can do it for another person.
Let’s take a white plate and cut an orange into seven pieces, as equal as possible. The orange should never be sour, always sweet.
We will light a white candle and we will throw sugar on the slices, to sweeten us. Egg white beaten to the point of meringue, or egg shell, to raise and achieve clarity. Essence of mint or mint leaves, for self-forgiveness and a few drops or sprays of our cologne, perfume or shaving water, to anchor our essence.
Praying to the deity that rules our mind, we will put our hands on the orange slices and begin to squeeze them, repeating aloud; “I love myself, I like myself, I can, I deserve it”.
 We will wash our hands with the juice and rub the pulp of the orange between both eyes. At 15 minutes we can wash our hands and throw the contents of the plate in the trash outside the house.


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