Many people commented on my recent appearance on Univision, showing how we can harness the magic of the egg, one of the most powerful astral tools available to everyone. The egg contains in it the origins of life, the sacred raw material that vibrates with the energy of the person who comes to it. It is also a powerful astral cleansing agent.
The fastest way to clean ourselves is to take 3 eggs, washed and fresh. Invoking Saint Michael the Archangel, paint one egg with ground egg shell, another with any type of vegetable butter and the third with cocoa butter.
Then we will undress and for three days we will cleanse ourselves with all three eggs, one by one. We will clean ourselves from head to toe, without forgetting the palms of the hands and the soles of our feet. If we have any pain, we will make a cross with the egg.
During the cleaning we will visualize a dark light that leaves the body and is absorbed by the egg. At the end of each cleaning, the egg should be cracked open, away from the house. I recommend doing it at a four-way crossing, so that the elementals of the four cardinal points take away all the evil and negative energy.
Of the three eggs, I recommend using first the one covered with vegetable butter, then the cocoa butter and the third one covered in shell.
Another way to use the egg is as a mirror, reflecting the situation of our astral field. For this, the person cleanses himself with an egg, passes it 3 times through the body and then takes a glass with water filled halfway. Crack the egg and pour the white into the glass.
If the yolk has black or red spots, blood stains or is rotten, it is an indication that the person has been a victim of witchcraft. Whoever sees that after cleaning should take a jar with a lid, pour the contents of the glass inside along with oil and vinegar and bury it or throw it away.
Another way the egg becomes a messenger for our spirit guides is through the egg white. If we have a specific question that requires a yes or no, we will clean ourselves with an egg asking the question, and we will break it and pour it in a glass filled with water halfway.
If the white is raised, if it looks like a cobweb or rising tubes, the answer is yes. When the white remains flat, it is no. If an oval white spot appears on the bud, or bubbles on it, we have an enemy stalking us, and it is a woman. If the stain is elongated, the enemy is a man.

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