Palo Santo, or Sacred Fire comes to us from the forests of South America and is one of the most powerful and blessed magical tools.
Its main use is as incense to eliminate negative vibrations and purify the environment, but at the same time it is incorporated into all kinds of rituals to open paths and bring good energies to us and enhance a relationship with the spiritual world.
But if the Palo Santo is an ally of something, it is love, being used to unite couples and create a love so deep that nothing touches or interferes with that union.
Today’s Spell:
To clean your home and eliminate negative or stagnant energies, you must take a stick of Palo Santo, and light it praying to the spirits that inhabited that sacred tree, so that they take away all the harmful energy.
With the smoke from the stick we will clean each room, starting from the back of the house, going through each room in a clockwise direction.
When we get to the front door we will leave the house with the right foot and outside we will clean our bodies three times with the smoke. Then we will put the stick in a fire resistant container and let it burn out naturally.
Tomorrow, Palo Santo and Love

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