All our lives we hear about our soul mate, our better half, our twin flame. But few know that many of these people come to this world with a karmic soul.
What is the karmic soul? A soul that by circumstances in other lives, comes to this world tied to us with the mission of making us learn a lesson.
Translation: it comes to make life impossible for us.
Some take the role of a couple, others of lovers, rivals, parents, co-workers, bosses. Even children. These souls are linked to our life with a cord of blood. Relationships are passionate, tumultuous, and too often damaging.
Sometimes they disguise themselves as soul mates since they unconsciously know our secrets, they know which buttons to push, how to conquer us.
If they arrive with the mission to make us suffer, they feel attracted to our partner, our work, and their mission will be to supplant us even if they destroy themselves in the attempt.
Can anything be done to end this destructive cycle? First, determine if this person who is hurting you is your karmic soul. If it is, you have to cut that cord of blood forever.
Today, there is no spell you can do for this situation.
The only option is to get to the root of the problem, determine if this person who makes you suffer, who attacks you, or whose passion for her is destructive, is your karmic soul.
And then, break that bond, freeing both your souls.
For that I would need to do a reading with you, to see if this is your situation. If you feel that your karmic soul is affecting your life, contact me.

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