All year round, to reap you have to sow. Nature is wise, and the world has different seasons, different climates, so that something on the planet is always germinating, so that there is always a harvest.
This universal energy of growth is at our disposal an all we need is a handful of soil. The soil is the basis of our ritual today, to activate our economy and our ability to produce Today’s spell : This ritual can be done on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday.
It begins at home and ends outdoors.
In a bottle with a lid, or a glass jar, we will place a handful of well-trodden soil , that is taken from a public place where many people walk, circulate. The soil will thus be active, vibrant . Another option is to take it from a farming field. We will honor that soil with 4 offerings to the 4 elements.
A feather for the air to give you wings. Some water, a quartz or rock, and a few drops of wax from a lit candle. We will leave that candle lit in front of the jar until it is completely consumed.
You always have to be careful with candles, they should never be left to burn unsupervised. Once the candle is exhausted, we add a few drops of anise, tequila or a strong liquor to the bottle or jar.
The next day we will go out into the open air, in any place where our bare feet come into contact with nature and we will invoke the elementals of the earth, to help us generate wealth throughout the year.
The jar is then thrown in the trash outside the house and 3 coins , any coins, are left in any public place, where someone can collect them.

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