Tonight there will be a unique event, the blood moon. It’s the longest lunar eclipse of the century. This means that the sun, the moon and the earth are aligned. All the movements of the stars affect the human being, nothing happens by chance, and it’s called a Blood Moon becuase it is ruled by Aquarius and influenced by Uranus.
What does it mean? It warns us that it is time to define romantic relationships. It is time for big decisions. Some couples will be consolidated and will be soulmates for life, others will split apart.
This moment is very marked by family pressures, and it will cost us to decide between the head and the heart. It is an eclipse of endings, of defining, of detachment and the effects of the decisions taken under its influence will be felt up to 3 months later.
Today’s Spell:
This eclipse will not be seen in all the World, only in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asua. The people who see it must do this ritual during the eclipse, which between Penbra’s area will last more than three hours. In other countries the spell can be done at nightfall.
Spell to Enhance our Powers During the Blood Moon:
We want any determination made in our relationship to be in our favor. In a deep dish we will fill it with water halfway. Inside we will place 7 slices of orange peel and fruit, and seven pieces of eggshell.
At night, in the open air and in the Light of the moon or under the eclipse, we will light a white or silver candle and move the water with the right hand, concentrating on what we want to achieve. Little by little we will be adding our favorite perfume.
In several paper strips we will have the names of people who play a role in this relationship, our partner or loved one, people who help and people who harm.
At 15 minutes we will invoke the help of Saint Michael the Arcángel and burn with the candle the names of those who harm us.
Then we will appeal to our guardian angel to guide us and help us to carry this relationship where we want and place the paper with the name of our loved one on the plate along with the names of the people who help us.
The dish will stay open until dawn when the water is spilled and all the contents is given to the Earth.


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