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We need to sweeten. Life is too short to be unhappy. It is very important to sweeten your better half. I hate to say this but difficult times are coming in the economic field and if the couples are not united, solid, they will not survive the crisis.

The lack of money, not being able to support the family destroys more marriages than infidelity. So sweeten,sweeten frequently, let’s not wait to do it when we need it, when the fights are heard by the neighbors. You have to keep love, gentleness, sweetness and illusion always, it’s like changing the oil in the car or the air conditioning filter, maintenance.

Today’s Spell:

This is an ancient spell, it is called Gypsy Sweetener of your Better Half and I love it, it is easy and effective. We will take an orange and cut it in half, at the middle. We will light a yellow candle and with it lit, we will throw honey on a part of the orange, praying to the goddess of love that as this honey falls, love and sweetness will fall on our relationship.

We are sweetening our better half, the person we love and loves us, we must be in a couple to do this particular spell. Once the honey is on we will take two photos, one of our partner, another of us and we will put them, face to face on the orange. Let’s look for beautiful photos, where we are smiling and without sunglasses.

Now we are going to add the bubbling touch, the happiness, and for that we will use sugar sprinkles of all colors, those balls that are used to decorate the cakes, or, you can use candies of different colors. With the candle burning we will put our hands on the orange, praying that the goddess of love will accept this offering.

Then we seal it with our energy, a little saliva in a klennex, or a drop of blood. At the end of the ritual we will leave the orange at the foot of a tree or in a green area. I also want to talk about the sweetening that I make and offer in my store. It is stronger, of course, I am Oshun’s daughter, and it is the spell that I recommend to all people who want to maintain a healthy, lasting relationship and where love and sweetness reign. You can read about this spell by clicking here: https://www.bestmagicalspells.com/store/#!/SWEETENING-SPELL-FOR-COUPLES/p/146291119/category=36718048


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