Today we will see the biggest and brightest Super Moon of the year. It will be the moment when the Moon is closest to the earth, and this moon will illuminate all that is hidden, the most private recesses, the most guarded truths. This moon will bring emotions to the surface, and it is the perfect moment to discover, to illuminate and clarify.

Today’s Spell:

Today we are going to perform a ritual to enlighten and clarify a relationship or a situation. On a white paper we will write our intention, what we want to be clarified, the person we need to receive clarity, understanding. We have to be clear and concise, the universe has to understand our message. We will take an egg white and we will beat it to the point of meringue, that is, it will be thick and we will put it on the paper. We will add a few drops of our perfume, cologne or shaving water and a little sweet wine or some sweet liquid. We will put the plate in the open where the light of the moon is full, and we will leave it all night. In the morning we will remove it, we will thank you and we will throw it away outside the house with 3 coins of any denomination.


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