The economy is suffering during the COVID 19 crisis, but love is not far behind either.
Every human contact now brings a risk, we cannot touch each other, we cannot kiss and each time we are withdrawing more into the virtual world.
We need to activate the energy of love, and for that our great allies are sunflowers, the flower of the goddess of love who turns in search of deep love. Sunflowers are our ally!
This is the flower that seems to have been thought to come to our aid in this pandemic, since it is used in rituals of love and fidelity, but also in works for prosperity, money, since the goddess of love is also the queen of all gold.
Sunflowers always exert a good influence, it is one of the flowers that repel negative energies.

Spells with sunflowers:
Attract or keep love.
We will place 5 sunflowers in a vase with water. In a plate we will put a little honey. We will watch the plate and the sunflowers for 5 days with a yellow candle, which we will light it 5 minutes a day praying for love and passion to enter our lives, or to maintain and grow.
After 5 days, we will take the sunflowers, pour the honey on the flowers and clean the body with them, from the head to the bottom of the feet, without forgetting the bottom of the hands. We will leave the honey on our body for 15 minutes, and then we can rinse, bathe or shower normally.
It can be done if you have a partner, or if you want to find love.

Spells with garlic and sunflower, for prosperity.
First you have to count how many corners there are in the house. We will put a clove of garlic (with shell) and 3 sunflower seeds for each corner on a white plate, with 3 bay leaves.
We will light clove or lavender incense, and run it over the plate 3 times, praying to Abundia that our economy will flow and prosper.
We will clean each corner with the incense, and we will put 3 sunflower seeds and one garlic in each one, for 3 days. After 3 days they are removed and left at the foot of a tree.
Also, this is the time when amulets are essential, in times of crisis it is always crucial to carry a source of positive energy with you.
My amulet for love is specially consecrated for those who use it and seal your love.

amulet for infinite love

Amulet for Infinite Love

Protect what is yours. Become the object of their thoughts, desires, looks and dreams.
The Goddess of Love, the Owner of sweet waters, of sensuality, consecrates and blesses this amulet for Infinite Love.




amulet to protect your job

Amulet to Protect Your Job

I also recommend using the Amulet for Work Protection more than ever.
The stability of every home, the cornerstone of all life, is the economy, work. More relationships and marriages are destroyed by financial problems than by infidelity.

Don’t wait to lose your job.
Don’t wait for the crisis to arrive.
Don’t wait to lose customers.
Protect yourself.



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