Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. This day is called the Door for Man because today a door opens up to another dimension, where the experiences that we have been accumulating over these past six months begin to bear fruit. It is a way of being able to feed the next six months when the darkness begins to triumph until reaching the Winter Solstice, the so-called Door of the GODS.

All cultures celebrate in one way or another this day, the day of maximum equality, when the forces of the universe are in balance. But we also have to make sure that we only bring forth the good experiences, the positive energy and that we reject the negative. This spell can be done at any time between now and Sunday at midnight. We are going to need white flowers, honey, apples and a rope or black cord.

First we have to heat a little water until it boils, then we will place the water in a deep dish, where we will put our picture and a drop of blood or a little saliva. We will light a white candle and focus on the positive experiences of these six months. For each one we will add a petal of white flower to the water, praying that these energy will last and feed us the rest of the year.

If something negative comes to mind, we will cut a piece of cord or black ribbon and step on it, praying to San Michael the Arcángel so that it will be cut forever. When we no longer have memories, when everything has been remembered, blessed or broken, we will add a generous stream of honey to the plate and pieces off apple and put it outdoors in the open air; for at least twelve hours. At the end of that period, 9 we will leave it for longer ) we will throw the content of the plate in the ground, so it returns to its source. The pieces of cord will be crushed under our feet together and burned.


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