The four elements. I don’t want to be an alarmist but I have to be realistic. The economy is losing strength, people are losing economic liquidity. More marriages sink because of economic problems than infidelity. The anxiety of not being able to make ends meet, of not being able to support his family, the anguish in the face of failure destroys unions.

In these moments we have to be proactive, we have to go to work with more force than before, we have to knock on doors without fear and without rest, and we also have to balance our energy field, to a battle we must go with all the weapons. One of the best tools at our disposal are the 4 elements, the basis of a life. Let’s purify our aura through the air, fire, air and earth so that our energy field is sealed and protected and helps us achieve victory.

Today’s Spell:

We will light a white or yellow candle, and on a white plate we will place a handful of dirt that we have stepped on 3 times. Step on it twice in one direction, then step on it once in opposite direction. In other words, we step on, we turn, we step on the other side, we turn, we step on the original direction again, then we take the earth with the right hand.

On the ground we are going to pour fresh, tap water, mixed with 3 drops or sprays of our cologne, perfume or shaving water. You can also use a mystical cologne, such as florida water, violet water or lavender. With the right hand we will mix the earth and the water while with the left we will clean the mixture and the candle with incense, any incense, it is the air element that we are using.

At this time the four elements will be at stake, it is when we will pray to the elementals of the earth to open the doors, to help us succeed and receive the gifts of creation. We will pray that money flows like water, reaches our hands with the speed of the wind, nourishes our life and gives strength and heat to our economy.

The spell will be watched for 3 days, each day lighting the candle for 15 minutes and anointing the dish with incense. The third day the content of the dish is left right at the point from which the earth was taken. Also, today I want to tell you about one of the best kept secrets of the esoteric world, the Ship of Desires. The Ship is one of the most powerful magic tools, the ship, the helm, its vibration brings control of destiny, prosperity, fluidity, desires reaching its destination.

Every house should have a consecrated ship.


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