Mercury retrograde has just ended This is the time to take get back to your plans and step on the gas. The hand brake is already removed, take advantage of this period, because at the end of July we come back to collide with Mercury again. So today we are going to break any obstacles that has arisen during this journey.
Every time Mercury is retrograde we tend to look back, to try to take back a past that should already be forgotten and closed. This is a perfect time to cut and open roads.
Today’s Spell:
We will take 3 heads of garlic, we will peel them and with our fingernail we will make a cross on each one. We will put the heads of garlic on a white plate and cover them with white flower petals, grated coconut and a small snail.
We will light a white candle and pray to the deity that opens and closes the roads, so that she opens new roads and closes the past that must be closed. This spell should be watched for 3 days, lighting the candle 15 minutes a day, and its optimal placement is next to the front door, inside the house. When finished the contents of the plate are thrown in the garbage outside the house with 3 coins.


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