This is a good time to take spiritual strength, to activate energies, to open roads. Just as a car needs fuel and our body needs food and oxygen, our spiritual body needs to be strengthened. A quick and effective way to re-energize our energy field is with these purifying baths.

Today’s Spell:

We will take a bucket like the ones to wash and we will put warm or hot water, up to a little more than half. We will add rosemary twigs, basil leaves, sage, flower petals of various colors, husk or dried and ground egg shell and any mystical liquid, such as florida water, lavender water, or a little of our cologne, perfume or lotion.

We will light a white candle, and we will pour water from the neck down, making sure that it does not touch our heads. We must let it dry on the body, and if we have to dry ourselves, we should not rub with the towel.


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