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Today is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the gods . By now we all know about Mercury and it’s unfortunate insistence on becoming retrograde and cause havoc…but when he is himself, Mercury rocks.
He is the ruler of communication, and this is certainly his era, we have never been more connected, and is up to us to turn this tools to our advantage.
In sync with Mercury we can turn our intentions into actions thru the power of the word.
So today and every non retrograde Wednesday we hang on to Mercury while he circles the world , and we absorb its energy.

Today’s spell:

  • Set your intention every Wednesday for the next week
  • We first need to cleanse a piece of white paper with no lines. With incense, Palo Santo or sage
  • Then in pencil, never ink, we write our intention, clear and simple. The universe does not work with ambiguity, everything is mathematical and precise.
  • We light up a blue candle and place a pink quartz in the right hand, or on our dominant hand, the hand we write with .
  • With the candle on we ask for our message to arrive and our intention to turn into reality.
  • Then we write it down in the piece of paper and we give it wings by burning it on the candle,


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