Today in the Northern Hemisphere it will be the longest day of the year. A day to activate your prosperity. We are at the zenith of solar energy, at the strongest point, when the sun god reaches its maximum power. It is a day to activate, move, reinforce, accelerate.

When the people who come to my office I detect trends, movements in the economy in general. Again I notice blockages, delays, stalled projects. Let us seize this day to jump over obstacles and boost our finances.

Today’s Spell:

Let’s take three candles, white or yellow. In front of each candle will place a white plate, in one put a banana, cut into 3 pieces. In another 3 slices of mandarin, in the other 3 green grapes, On each fruit place 1 leaf of laurel, and 3 grains of roasted corn.

We will put everything on the floor in front of the door and the candles will be lit, praying to the deity that opens and closes the roads so that the prosperity enters by the front door, so that the blockades dissolve and our economy is accelerated.

We will watch the spell for 30 minutes, today it is necessary to give much light to the work. When finished, we will leave the contents of the plate at the foot of a tree.


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