It seems like today we are going to make a dessert of sex and chocolate, but in reality we are going to create one of the oldest and most powerful aphrodisiac spells for love.
Since the time of the Aztecs, the union of chocolate and desire is documented and is considered the food that pleases the gods of pleasure.

Today’s Spell:

Let’s take an egg, we’ll break it in two, empty it, wash it, and keep the dry shells. We can put them in a white, red or pink dish.
Inside each egg shell we will put some grated chocolate, 5 drops of honey, and 5 drops of orange juice and 5 drops of a sweet liquor or alcoholic beverage.

Usually the chocolate used in the rituals is black, but since we are doing an aphrodisiac spell, we can use any chocolate, since we want it to be an aphrodisiac ritual, sweet, seducing and effective.

Light a yellow candle, and we will place under each shell a photo of ourselves, and a photo of our partner or person with whom we want to have a sexual or loving relationship.

With the candle lit we will wet the middle finger of the right hand in the mixture and anoint the back of our ears, the heels, the women between the breasts and below the navel and the men under the navel and in the thighs.

We will see this relationship being one of sex and integral passion, where each person gives and receives equally, praying to the deities that protect the passion and sexuality of the human being who see our petition with pleasure and complicity.

At the end of the ritual, we can leave the shells and photos at the foot of a tree or bury them in a pot in the house.


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