The unhappiness that a bad union produces is one of the worst evils that a human being can suffer. Set yourself free. 
Our nature compels us to be in a relationship, the search for a soul mate is a consistently trending topic, we all want, seek and desire the love, company, passion and support of the person who complements us. But when that union turns toxic, our world turns upside down. Then it is time to set yourself free.
Whether due to incompatibility, because love ended or it was a forced, such as with an arranged marriage, living tied to the wrong person triggers a storm of negative energies that attack our auric field and can undermine our health, destroy our economy and create a karma that we will also pay for in future lives.
Let’s forget what others will say. Let us not be tied down by gossip or arcane traditions. This life is a gift and we have the right to enjoy that gift to the full. If we are not happy we do not make others happy either.
Break free! Or release that person you love and is in the grip of a failed, painful and wrong relationship. It is just as valid to fight to save your marriage as it is to fight for your love by helping the person you love to take that step and get out of an unhappy situation.
It is as valid to stay as it is to leave.
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