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Numerical Codes. Sacred Numbers. How to talk to the universe.
Numerical codes are coming to us through different means, which many are describing as the secret key to communicate with the universe. One of these people who is spreading these codes is the scientist Grigori Grabovoi.
It is a code based on numerical values, the universal language of communication.
As these codes are being described, they are emergency channels that the supreme being established at the beginning of creation. They are based on a mysterious math that belongs to other dimensions. When reciting a Code, the energy of the person who is saying it merges with that of the Being of Light that is being invoked, which results in a connection at the deepest levels. Your language is being spoken. Under this circumstance, Divinity receives our request in a clear and concise manner. It is a way of supporting rituals, you can combine the numerical codes with every ritual since everything is energy.
The Codes must be repeated 45 times at a time, because this is a manifestation number.
 They must be repeated number by number, that is, 341 says 3, 4, 1, not three hundred and forty-one. When there is a space between numbers, the space must be respected. For example 289- space, we wait 1 second.
They must be said aloud since in doing so they will tune into Higher Dimensions.
I have to clarify that I have not received these codes, but I think it is important to transmit the message.
I will give a short list of the most significant.
Love 888 412 1289018
Difficult love 219888 412 1289018
Attraction 314819 719 579
Eternal development of the economy 289 471 314917
Fast money 9147 19318 916
Unexpected Money 520
I deserve financial abundance 6559914
Pay bills 564812319481
Prosperity 71427321893
Everything is possible 519 7148
Awareness development 1 888888 9 1
Sense of guilt 319615819491
Divine Protection 8888
Normalization of any event 213
Immediate solution 741
Tranquility and balance 514319893714 


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