This is a year that is starting strong and well aspected, and we do not want anything or anyone to trip us up. One of the most dangerous weapons in the world is the word. Lies, half-truths, critiques behind closed doors break relationships and ruin futures. We need the envious to ignore us, to become invisible to avoid the attacks of their language. For that our best ally will be the Rue plant. This mystical plant protects against bad intentions, evil eye, cuts off negative energy and creates a shield that repels and transmutes hatred and negativity

Today’s Spell:

rueWe are going to cover mouths, cut sharp tongues and ward off lies, falsehoods and rumors. In a white plate we will put 3 leaves of rue, 3 slices of onion, three hot peppers and everything will be covered with coarse salt. We will light a red candle and pray to Saint Michael the Archangel to protect us against evil tongues, so that these tongues stay silent, so that the negative mind gets confused when it sees us, and never speaks ill of us. We will watch the spell for 3 days and on the third day the contents of the dish will be thrown in a 2-way crossing.


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