The world is convulsed. Australia burns, the earth trembles, war drums are heard, we have begun a decade under very strong signals. This year we need strength, clarity, open roads and, above all, to connect with our guides to enlighten us in difficult times.
Today’s Spell:
Let’s look for clarity and light. We will light a white candle and in a deep plate we will put 3 egg whites and a little sugar.
Praying to Santa Clara we will beat the egg whites asking the deity that reigns over us to enlighten and clarify us, guide us and direct and open the mind to know how to distinguish the right path.
After beating it well we will place 3 corks begging that nothing bad touches or sinks us, and we will leave the spell 3 days in front of a mirror, lighting the candle 10 minutes every day.
On the third day we will throw everything in the trash out of the house with 3 coins. This is the year that if the roads open to us we can have great achievements.
It is the year where skill and cunning, smell will be critical, where you have to find the cracks, gaps and enter.
The road opener is the ritual that will open the doors to a new decade of prosperity.
This is the time to start the year in harmony with the energies of the deity that opens and closes the roads and have it working with us.
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