Welcome be the 2019!
This is a number 3 year in numerology, and brings with it great potential. Talk about projects, beginnings, beginnings, fun. End of a negative cycle and great advances.
But 2019 requires commitment, this year the doubts or feelings of insecurity can put that prosperity that should be ours out of our hands.
Lack of attention in the handling of money or in the development of our work can be fatal this year.
We have to focus, put our feet on the ground. From today until January 15 we will be offering The Ritual of the Lamp of Fortune and Abundance.
This ritual opens the roads and breaks obstacles for prosperity to reach us and imbue us with the energy, ambition and tenacity to achieve our goals.
This is the year to succeed! Seize it!
Since the dawn of civilization the lamp has been the fire that illuminates without burning, the guide in the darkness, a powerful symbol of fulfilled desires, wealth and fortune.
To perform the ritual, I will need names, surnames, dates of birth and photos. It can be done for a person or a couple. The ritual of the Lamp of Fortune and Abundance for 2019 costs $ 125 dollars.
It will be done on January 15, 2019. Those who want the spell to be reinforced at 6 months, the cost will be an additional 125 dollars and will be reinforced on June 15, 2019.
Upon completion of the spell they will receive a photo of it.
To order the work you can write to info@bestmagicalspells.com
Ritual of the Lamp of Abundance: $ 125
Ritual of the Abundance Lamp with reinforcement in June: $ 250

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