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As we go deeper into the holiday season, loneliness gets a bit heavier. Singles love their independence, the freedom it gives them, but the holidays and those pesky + 1 can get to anyone.
And now that the parties are in full force single folks wonder if the whole world is paired up except for them. So here are a few tips to move the energies of love and romance in your favor, if you choose it. Ring the season of love.
First, make room.
In order for something new to happen it has to find room in your life, in every aspect of it. Begin with your phone. Erase every message from old flames, former partners and casual flirtations that went nowhere.
Erase or archive old pictures of people that used to be in your heart but went away or caused you pain. Prune you social media pages down, block those people from the past mercilessly, anything that is going to make you feel a pang of pain has to be gone.
Then, make room in your house, where you live, for someone new. Literally make room , open closet space, make room in the medicine cabinet, that new person has to feel that he/she fits, that there is room for their stuff.
Place a set of two pillows, not just use one in the middle of the bed. Two pillows for two people.
Put two side tables, one at each side of the bed, and do not cram the spare one with your stuff. Respect the space even if no one is there yet.
And make your house open, inviting and warm.
Clean, get rid of clutter, walk around and imagine that really critical aunt or nosey neighbor are coming over. Make the space neat and don’t just stuff things under the bed. The chi or living energy has to flow freely under beds, around furniture.
Finally, use one of the most important senses, the sense of smell, to attract and help create a new nest.
Use cinnamon incense, that is a smell that vibrates with the energy of love, warmth.
You can also boil together in water sticks of cinnamon, cloves and apples, it will fill the house with a wonderful smell of happiness.
Another great tip; the smell of fresh baked bread… invite that special person for dinner and bake the bread right before it knocks on the door, you’ll see how it won’t want to leave.
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