On December 21, we celebrated the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. A time or rebirth. Throughout history all cultures have celebrated this important energetic moment of the year, which marks the rebirth. The deities of this season are the solar gods, the mother earth.We will be celebrating the end of the dark season, when the light begins to win the battle over darkness. A new cycle begins, after death comes reincarnation. It is a moment of great energetic power since all the energy of the past cycle is consumed So that all aspects of your life begin to blossom; be it, personally, in love or business. The great catalyst in these rituals, which will always be present, is fire.
Today’s Spell:
We have to prepare ourselves to be reborn. And we can not achieve it without breaking what binds us, weighs us down, hurts or delays. Our allies in this ritual are wood and fire. We will look for a dry branch, which we will split into 7 pieces.We will take oil or violet or lavender extract, we will wet our hands with it and we will take each piece of wood, and we will rub them between our hands one by one. As we imbue each bit with this lavender we will visualize a problem, an obstacle, a pain, a betrayal. And we will visualize it dry, dead.We will light a red candle and asking for the help of St. Michael, the warrior angel, we will burn the tip of each piece of wood, bringing it in and out 3 times into the flame. When finished with the seventh piece, we will cover them with salt, black pepper and basil and let the candle be consumed in its entirety.When the candle is consumed, the contents of the plate are thrown in the middle of a busy street and the cars are allowed to pass over it.


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